Aquatics (Water Sports) Match News and Tournaments

Any sports under water falls in the category of aquatics. Swimming, diving, canoeing and kayaking etc. are the major sports in International sports events like Olympics, Asian Games, Afro-Asian Games, Commonwealth Games and the like. Other interesting sports in aquatics are scuba diving, water aerobics, snorkelling, skiing, barefoot water skiing, parasailing, kiteboarding, rafting, rowing, skimboarding, surfing, wake boarding, wake skating, yachting, water skiing, windsurfing, underwater hockey, underwater rugby and so on. You can find news articles, event details, players profile and other information of aquatic sports here.

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Skills, Positions and equipments of Water polo game

This article gives you complete information about water polo game. This article includes details about skills and positions of players in water polo game. More details about Equipments used for playing water polo game is also quoted in this article.

Best Scuba Diving Schools in United Kingdom (UK)

Are you a water-loving person? Do you love diving? Are you an adventure loving person whose wish is to dive into the seas and explore the world there? To fulfill all you wishes you need to be a certified diver. Read this article to know more about the best scuba diving institutes in UK. Get detailed information about the courses and the contact details.

Best Scuba Diving Courses in United Kingdom (UK)

Are you a water-loving person? Want to know where to learn scuba diving in UK? In this article we give you detailed information about all the scuba-diving courses offered at the leading scuba diving schools of United Kingdom (UK).

Profile and Biography of Hoang Quy Phuoc, the Vietnamese Swimmer

Hoang Quy Phuoc, 18 years old and a winner of a huge number of gold silver and bronze for Vietnam at the Southeast Asian Games. He has recently qualified as one of the firsts for the Olympics 2012. To know more about her biography and profile, check this Hoang Quy Phuoc wiki article.

Profile and Biography of Justin Boyd, the Canadian Water Polo player

Justin Boyd, 22 years old and a winner of a number of a number of medals and titles is a famous name in the field of aquatics and water polo. To know more about his biography and profile, check this Justin Boyd wiki article.

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