Water Polo

The aquatic version of handball, water polo is widely played in US and Europe. The history of water polo as a competitive and professional sports began in the late nineteenth century and it was the first mens team sport event in the Olympics, in 1900. Here you can learn more about water polo including major water polo championships, competitions and tournaments, such as the NCAA Mens Water Polo Championship, the NCAA Womens Water Polo Championship, the European Water Polo Championship, the LEN Euroleague, FINA Water Polo World League, FINA Water Polo World Cup, water polo at the Summer Olympics, Olympics, Asian Games and the like. Stay tuned with the latest water polo news around the world with upcoming water polo matches, tournaments, fixtures, schedules, results and so on.

If you are a budding water polo player, you can learn about the technical aspects of water polo here. Learn how to play water polo with the help of the water polo strategies and tips in this website. Learn the various strokes used in water polo, the manifold water polo best defence and attack strategies, where to buy best water polo gears and swimsuits, best water polo equipments manufacturer brands and companies and more. Get water polo coaching tips if you are a coach. Only in SportsVale.com!

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Skills, Positions and equipments of Water polo game

This article gives you complete information about water polo game. This article includes details about skills and positions of players in water polo game. More details about Equipments used for playing water polo game is also quoted in this article.

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