Meet the Team SportsVale!

The current team of SportsVale consists of 4 Webmasters: Tony John, Dr. Sanjeev, Kumaraditya Sarkar and Sowmya Sriram along with many other active senior contributors without whom this journey was just unthinkable.

Dr. Sanjeev handles the day to day activities like editing content database, supervising the work of members and content writers, guiding the whole SportsVale team, and handling member relations. Dr. Sanjeev is a very experienced blogger turned webmaster with profound knowledge of search algorithms, SEO, and content editing. You can contact him for your posting queries, copyright issues, and business proposals.

One of the early pioneers of web business in India, Tony John has been creating and handling websites since 1998. is one of Tony's Spider Family, and he is the founder webmaster of and is responsible for development and technical aspects of this website. Also, he takes care of business development, partnerships and advertising departments.

Kumaraditya Sarkar handles SEO issues of You can contact him for getting personalized guidance about content posting, basic HTML and SEO tips. He also manages the social media promotions.

Sowmya Sriram is another webmaster of SportsVale and takes care of editing posts. If you have any query regarding any edited post or want to seek guidance, Sowmya is your contact person.