Best Scuba Diving Courses in United Kingdom (UK)

Are you a water-loving person? Want to know where to learn scuba diving in UK? In this article we give you detailed information about all the scuba-diving courses offered at the leading scuba diving schools of United Kingdom (UK).

Scuba diving in United Kingdom (UK) is one of the very popular water sports. The diverse marine environment of UK makes it a paradise of divers. The country is the proud owner of inland waterways, lakes and quarries which can be exploited to good use by the dwellers of UK. Scuba Diving in UK has regained popularity and interest on the part of the masses after the aring of the very popular television series BBC 'Britain's Secret Seas'. The demand for scuba-diving courses have reached sky-high. PADI course of scuba diving is the most recognized and respected diving certification in the world. We bring to you the best scuba diving courses in United Kingdom which also follow the PADI course of scuba diving and also how to enroll in scuba diving courses in UK. The courses are taught at some of the best scuba-diving schools of UK.

The Best Scuba Diving Courses in UK

Discover Scuba- This course introduces an individual to the basic techniques of scuba diving in the confines of a swimming pool. One needs to be atleast 10 years of age and physically fit to enroll for this course.

Kids Courses:

-Bubblemaker course :- A course which introduces a child to the thrill of breathing underwater. A child of atleast 8 years of age can enroll for this course in which he/she gets to go pool diving with a PADI instructor.

-Seal Team Course:- In this course, children not only have fun diving but also learn about the requisite techniques to scuba diving. Techniques like the basics of diving, buoyancy control, mask clearing, regulatory revival etc are taught.

-Master Seal Team Course:- This is an advanced course for kids in which they are to proceed after te completion of the Seal Team course. Here they get to learn several scuva activities like taking photographs underwater, recovery diving etc.

Referral Course- The mentioned course is considered as the first step to be taken to become a certified scuba diver. You get a referral certificate after the completion of the course after which you may either do you Open Water qualifying dives in UK or go to any worldwide PADI dive centre.

Open Water Diver Course- This course program covers the four qualifying dives required by a person to qualify as a Open Water Diver. Here, a person needs to be atleast 12 years of age and must hold a PADI Open Water Referral certificate to enroll.

Refresher Course- This course is specially built for qualified divers who require to brush up their skills. Also, PADI referral students who have not dived in a long time can take advantage of this course. One needs to have a recognized diving qualification or diving referral form to enroll for this course.

Advanced Open Water Course- This course is all about honing your scuba diving talents and becoming more comfortable in water. The course is divided into 5 modules with 2 compulsory dives and 3 elective ones. To enroll for this course, one must be a certified Open Diver or equivalent.

Emergency First Response Course- This is an innovation CPR/first aid program. The course aids to teach an individual about the necessary actions to be taken during any medical emergency and is helpful to both personal and professional life.

EFR Instructor Course- The course aims to teach the EFR Primary Care (CPR), Secondary Care (First Aid) and Care for Children Courses. Candidates willing to enroll for this course are required to have completed a sanctioned course in Adult/Child CPR and basic first aid in the last 24 months.

Navigator Course- The mentioned course aims to increase your confidence and reduce your anxiety and stress during diving. The skills you lean in this course will prove useful while learning other courses like rescue diving, wreck diving etc. A certificate in PADI open Diving Course is required to enroll.

Rescue Diver Course: This is one of the most enjoyable courses in the PADI course of scuba diving. Here you get to learn about scuba diving which takes your knowledge and experience beyond the level of mere recreation. Here a person gets to learn about the psychology of rescue, how to be prepared at the time of the emergency, managing accident and ways to respond to diving emergencies. One needs to be an Advanced Water diver and have an EFR certification.

Master Scuba Diver Course- This course puts you in a class or distinction of scuba diving. With the PADI Master Scuba Diver rating, you reach the highest non-professional rating in scuba diving. Qualification as a PADI Rescue diver along with 5 PADI diver certifications and 50 logged dives are required to enroll for this course.

Divemaster Course- If you want a career change or want to put your diving skills to good use and become a professional diver, this is where you have to begin. This course aims to develop the knowledge, attitude, judgement and skills to be employed during various diving operations, both recreational and professional. The applicant must be of an age of minimum 18 years, must be a certified PADI Advanced Course Open Diver, and PADI Rescue Diver. He/she must also have done a EFR course in the last 24 months.

Peak Performance Buoyancy- This course is mainly for divers who dive for pleasure, to visit reefs and to photograph underwater. You get to learn how to float effortlessly in water, to precisely weight yourself for proper poise and balance. To enroll for this course one must be of 10 years of age, minimum, and also be a qualified PADI open Water Diver.

Deep Diving Course- The mentioned course will introduce and familiarize divers with the skills, knowledge, planning, organization, procedure, techniques and hazards of diving between the depths of 18 to 40 mts. One must have a minimum age of 15 years and also be a certified PADI Advanced Open Water Diver to enroll for this course.

Enriched Air Diver Course- Diving with enriched air nitrox lets you get the most of your recreational diving for photography or otherwise by letting you safely extend your no stop limit beyond the no decompression limits of air. Enrollment to this course requires the applicant to be atleast 15 years of age and to be a PADI certified Open Water Diver.

Dry Suit Diving Course-This course teaches you to dive safely and comfortably in the dry diving suit. Dry suits allow the diver to enjoy fantastic cold water diving without any discomfort. One must be a certified Open Water Diver to enroll.

Wreck Diving Course- Many divers are interested in diving to visit shipwracks. This course aims to train an individual on how to safely dive in the wracks of the world. The course covers wreck surveying to find safe entry points, the laying of safety lines and safe penetration. To enroll for this course, one must be a PADI certified Advanced open Water Diver.


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