Canoeing / Kayaking

While canoeing is as ancient a practise as to date back to the dawn of the human civilization, canoeing as a formal and organized sport is a much later activity. Though canoes and kayaks were differently originated and used for different purpose nowadays there are very little differences between canoes and kayaks, more so in the level of competitive sports. It is difficult as well as arbitrary to distinguish between a canoe and a kayak and in the competitions, both are used almost synonymously these days.

Since 1936, canoeing and kayaking have been included in the Olympic games. At the international and competitive level, canoeing and kayaking are monitored by the highest official governing body of canoeing, the International Canoe Federation, which in turn works with several other regional confederations such as the American Canoe Association, the Canadian Canoe Association, the British Canoe Union and so on. Here you can learn more about canoeing and kayaking, including the tips, strategies and techniques of canoeing, where to find the best canoeing equipments, the best kayaking and canoeing equipments manufacturers brands, Olympic canoeing and kayaking records and so on. Only in!

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