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Originating in the colonial India as Battledore and Shuttlecock, Badminton has emerged nowadays to secure the place of one of the most popular racquet sports all over the world. Since the aerodynamic motion of the shuttlecock is affected by winds, professional badminton is played as an indoor game while outdoor versions are often casual and recreational ones.

Are you looking for the articles and news related to badminton from all around the world? Or you might have been searching for the biographies and careers of famous badminton players? Here in this exclusive badminton articles section in, you can get them all in one place. With our badminton strategies and tips, learn how to play badminton. Unfold the history of the badminton game, discover the manifold badminton rules that you might not know. Stay is touch with the latest badminton news all over the globe with upcoming badminton match schedules, fixtures, and results. Know the latest badminton players ranking. Learn more about badminton games in the Olympics, including mens and womens singles, mens and womens doubles, and mixed doubles events. Know where you can buy the best badminton racquets, and which badminton brands have the best racquets in the market.

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Saina Nehwal: India's pride in Badminton

Saina Nehwal is India's most popular Badminton player and has really rose to the heights in the recent past. Her rise although has been silent and sharp. She is a popular figure in the Badminton circles and is a student of India's best Badminton player, P. Gopichand. Read on to know who and what Saina Nehwal is!

Badminton basics, tips and techniques

Badminton game is simple to play but if you want to be a professional in the game, you must starts with the basics of badminton game and some important points to remember before playing the game. more details about the badminton techniques, basics and rules are quoted in this article.

Dimensions and equipments of Badminton game

This article gives you complete information about Badminton game. This article gives you more details about the dimensions of court in Badminton game. More details about Badminton equipments are also quoted in this article.

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