Badminton basics, tips and techniques

Badminton game is simple to play but if you want to be a professional in the game, you must starts with the basics of badminton game and some important points to remember before playing the game. more details about the badminton techniques, basics and rules are quoted in this article.

Badminton is a professional racquet game which is played in all parts of the world. A badminton racquet, shuttle and a badminton net are the equipments required to play the game. If you plan to be a professional in badminton game, you must understand the basics and techniques to play the game. Given below are some important points and basics of Badminton game which will be helpful for an intermediate player.

Badminton Grip

Holding the badminton racquet is the most important part of the game. A wrong hold will badly affect your game and poor control over the shuttle. The fingers should have some gaps and must hold loosely to get an overall control and grip. You should hold a badminton bat in a position to play both forehand and backhand equally. Your fingers must be in a 'V' position while holding the bat as shown above. Powerful smashes can be hit only through correct holding of the bat. You can correct your badminton grip by approaching a badminton trainer. see the picture given above which is the correct hold of the racquet.

Service in Badminton

The game Badminton starts with a service. Service is the first and most important step in a Badminton game. A good service can easily earn a point in the game. A short service will be always better in a doubles game and long service for singles game. You can improve your service through regular practice. While serving the legs should be correct without touching the lines. A bad service will easily attacked by your opponent. See the picture given above for correct service.

Forehand and backhand in Badminton

Any shots in Badminton are hit through either backhand or forehand. A forehand shot is easier than a back hand shot. You should have good power to hit a back hand shot perfectly. You should have a good grip and arm must be properly used to hit a back hand shot correctly. Back hand shots and drops are difficult to play in a badminton game but with regular practice you can make your back hand shots perfect. Give power only to your arm and not to the entire body where you can easily convert your shots according to the situation demands in the game.

Smashing and drop shots in Badminton game

If you are expert in Drop shots and smashes in Badminton, you can easily earn points in Badminton. A jump smash is more effective than a normal smash. You can improve your jump smash through regular exercise and practice. You can also approach a good badminton trainer to improve your drop shots and smashes. Height is not a problem to hit smashes. If you are a good timer of a shuttle, you can hit powerful shots and earn maximum points. The above pictur will gives you a clear idea to make a jump smash in a badminton game.

More details about the dimensions and equipments used to play badminton game are given in the link.


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