Domestic Matches - Badminton

Domestic badminton matches in India are conducted and administered by the Badminton Association of India or BAI. The history of the game of badminton actually started in the British India nevertheless nowadays the glory and hype of cricket and some other popular games seem to have shifted the focus from badminton in India a little. The Badminton Association of India alias BAI organizes a number of domestic badminton tournaments and championships in India, some of the most important among them being the National Games, the All India Senior Major Ranking Badminton Tournament, the All India Junior Major Ranking Badminton Tournament, the IFCI All India Senior Ranking Badminton Tournament, the NSCI All India Senior Ranking Badminton Tournament, the UBI All India Sub Junior Major Ranking Badminton Tournament and so on.

If you have been looking for domestic badminton matches schedules in India, let your search end here. In SportsVale.come, you can get the fixtures and results of all the upcoming Indian domestic badminton matches, tournaments and championships all in one place. Get to know the biographies and careers of Indias domestic badminton players from our players profiles as well.

Apart from Indian domestic tournaments, here you can learn about domestic badminton tournaments from other countries as well, such as Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, North Korea, South Korea, Europe, the Americas and so on.

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