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Here you can find various articles related to badminton. Learn how to play badminton, unveil the secret badminton playing tips and hints. Know the various offensive and defensive shots and strategies in badminton. Master the rules of badminton. Discover the rules of playing badminton. Know more about the famous badminton clubs and venues in India and around the world. Get in touch to stay alert about the next badminton training camps in your locality. In short, discover the world of badminton in one place,

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Badminton basics, tips and techniques

Badminton game is simple to play but if you want to be a professional in the game, you must starts with the basics of badminton game and some important points to remember before playing the game. more details about the badminton techniques, basics and rules are quoted in this article.

Dimensions and equipments of Badminton game

This article gives you complete information about Badminton game. This article gives you more details about the dimensions of court in Badminton game. More details about Badminton equipments are also quoted in this article.

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