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Biography of Sete Gibernau - Motorcycle Road Racer Profile

Manuel "Seth" Gibernau Byulti was born December 15, 1972 in Barcelona, ??Spain. In fact, Seth - grandson Francesco Xavier Byulti, the former owner of the famous Spanish motokontserna Bultaco. However, this does not automatically skip and "green light" for Seth in motorcycle racing. This article depicts his detailed biography including his championship records.

Biography of Kenny Roberts Jr Motorcycle Road Racer Profile

Looking for Kenny Roberts (Jr.) biography? He was born on July 25, 1973 in Modesto, California. He is a legend racer and known as famous "King" Kenny and won many championships in Motogp. Get in here to read his biography in detail including his career and records.

Biography of Valentino Rossi Motorcycle Racer

Valentino Rossi (Born on February 16, 1979 in the small town Umbrino) is a legend racer who is the son of Graziano Rossi and won many championships in Motogp. This article depicts his biography in detail including his career and records.

Indian Grand prix latest news

All Indians are waiting to see the live action of Indian Grand prix. This article gives you the latest updates of Indian grand prix which scheduled to be held on 30th October 2011. Read the article full for latest updates.

Formula F1 India: 2011 F1 Grand Prix India schedule/timings

This article mentions the schedule/timing of F1 Grand Prix in India with various events to be held on the three days. This is the first time F1 is happening in India so don't miss out and read on to know event by event schedule for all three days in this article.

Bike Racing and its different Categories

Interested in racing Bikes? Does the bike race fascinate you? Bikes are for all those who love both sports and adventure. To know more about the various kinds to Bike races, check this wiki article on Bike racing.

Horse racing types and racetracks in US

Now a days horse racing is getting more popular in many countries. This article gives you complete information about horse racing. Different types of horse racing events are included in this article. Details about horse racetracks and distance are also quoted in this article.

Different types of Car racing championships

There are different types of car racing Championships in the world. This article gives you more details about Car racing Championships. Details about types of Car racing championships are also quoted in this article. Read this article full for more details.

Events, Location and distance of UCI Road World Championships 2011

UCI Road World Championships 2011 is a bicycle racing championship which are conducted yearly. This article will gives you more details about UCI Road World Championships 2011. Events, Location and distance of UCI Road World Championships 2011 are quoted in this article.

Profile and Biography of Sebastian Vettel, the Germanian Racer

Sebastian Vettel is a famous name in the field of car racing. He became the youngest ever driver to score a point in Formula One and he is even the youngest driver ever to win a Grand Prix. To know more about his biography and profile, check this Sebastian Vettel wiki article.

Karun Chandhok Indian Formula One(F1) Racer Biography

Karun Chandhok Chennai-born racing driver is the second racing driver from India after Narain Karthikeyan in formula one racing. Read here about Karun Chandhok Indian Formula One F1 Racer Biography his achievements on Indian Car Racing and Record breaks.

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