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Manuel "Seth" Gibernau Byulti was born December 15, 1972 in Barcelona, ??Spain. In fact, Seth - grandson Francesco Xavier Byulti, the former owner of the famous Spanish motokontserna Bultaco. However, this does not automatically skip and "green light" for Seth in motorcycle racing. This article depicts his detailed biography including his championship records.

Success in the big prize Gibernau won only five years of hard training only, and it is completely random. Prior to 1990, Seth fond Trial and MDF, like all young Spaniards of the time. But in 1991, he was offered to try the 125 cc two-stroke sportbike. He did it!

Up until 2003, Seth was unable to win any championship, but the Spaniard known for his great will power, accuracy and inspired during racing. Gibernau special quality was his ability to adapt to the rain race, for which he earned the nickname "Rain Man." Slowly but surely, Gibernau moved to the title, taking pole position and podium, showing the fastest lap and new course record. So far on the horizon appeared unsinkable Valentino 2Rossi. This is the third year of Gibernau trying to get the Italian, but the longer they fight, the more it becomes clear that Seth began to dwell on his mission. It still shows outstanding results, the same Poles (by the way, according to the qualifications of the Spaniard won the 2005 BMW Awards), new records, but could not win a single race. Whether bad luck, or curse - all that he did, is not beneficial: the engine fails at the most critical moment, gasoline is over, then drop out of the blue, and there are altogether inexplicable, such as on inaugural Turkish Grand Prix: Seth was great almost the leader of the race, but not in one of the most difficult route turns left so neatly into the gravel, missed a couple of riders (including Russia), and then returned to the track and continued fighting as if nothing had happened. To agree that the so distruktivno affect his behavior at critical moments of the struggle in the first place no one has come.

Since 1992, Seth Gibernau ride on Gilera, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda and, now, in 2006, will work in Ducati.


1991 - The first steps in the road-racing circuit: 125cc class "Production"

1992 - 2nd place in the Spanish Cup 125cc Gilera Cup; debut in the World Championship GP250: exit on wild-card # 64 for Yamaha in the Grand Prix of Spain.

1993 - 5th place in the Spanish league Ducados Open 250 by Yamaha; Championship GP250: exit on wild-card # 77 for the Yamaha team for Marlboro Roberts Grand Prix in Spain.

1994 - 4th place in the Spanish league Ducados Open 250 by Yamaha; Championship GP250: exit on wild-card # 45 on the Yamaha team for Marlboro Roberts Grand Prix in Spain.

1995 - 3rd place in the Spanish league Ducados Open 250 by Yamaha; Championship GP250: exit on wild-card # 94 for the team Fortuna-Honda-Pons in the Grand Prix of Spain.

1996 - The first full season in the GP250 for Honda.
Set skated the first 12 races of the season with the best result in the form of 11 in two races - the home Grand Prix of Spain and Britain. Set the following three races held in the team Marlboro Yamaha Rainey, which replaced Tetsuya Harada. The season ended in Brazil in eighth place. That gave him 12 points and 21 in the overall classification.

1997 - The first season for Yamaha Team Rainey in the MotoGP 500cc class
Gibernau reward for the service he rendered Yamaha at the end of last season was a permanent place in the team of Wayne Rainey in the Royal Class. Here he showed himself in full glory: 6 finishes in the TOP-10, the best results - seventh in the Grand Prix of Germany, then eighth in Indonesia and the sixth-largest in Australia. Season finished in 13th place with 56 points to spare.

1998 - Repsol Honda and the permanent starting number 15, MotoGP
This year, Seth replaced in the factory team Takuma Aoki, paralyzed in an accident in the winter tests. This meant that Seth had to lead a new 2-cylinder bike to 4-cylinder Mick Dwayne, Alex Curves and Tadi Okada. Seth reached his first podium with third in the home Grand Prix of Spain, then the fourth in Barcelona and the sixth in Brno. Result of the season was the 11th position in the championship and 72 points in the standings. In the same year became a member of Gibernau 8-hour race Suzuka 8H with Alex Barros.

1999 - Repsol Honda, MotoGP
Starting the season on the V-twin, twice finishing third in Spain, Seth gets a reward for his work fighting the bike Mick Duyena Honda NSR V4. Duyen leaves MotoGP through injury. In practice, the Spaniard took his place in the Championship. Set for the season to finish in the top six of 10 races, including three podiums. Best result of the season is second in South Africa. 5th place as a result of the season, and 165 points in the standings - a real recovery?

2000 - Repsol YPF Honda, start number 5, MotoGP
Season started well, pole position in South Africa, but in contrast to the original model, similar tales teams Sito Pons and Nastro Azzurro been much more productive. In fact, Gibernau finish in TOP-8 in the seven races with the best result in the Czech Republic. Season ended with the result at 15 and a total of 72 points. Both rider, Gibernau and Okada leave Repsol YPF Honda. Seth first started cooperation with Telefynica Movistar.

2001 - Telefonica MoviStar Suzuki, start number 15, MotoGP
Hired as a partner for the champion last season Kenny Roberts Jr., Seth discovers that the latest version of Suzuki's not really the best example granpriynogo bike: neuparvlyaemy, heavy and blunt. Compared to the new Honda and Yamaha, Suzuki have not had a chance. However, the Spaniard kept well and finish in the top ten for 12 championship race. Stellar moment for Seth Gibernau comes in Valencia, when affected years of experience, the correct settings and well-chosen tires: Seth won his first Grand Prix, beating and Barros and his partner, Kenny Roberts. The result of the season: 9th place and 119 points (compared to 97 at the Roberts)

2002 - Telefonica MoviStar Suzuki, start number 15, MotoGP
Not the best season of his career Gibernau. The team goes to the 4-stroke GSV-R, which was even worse than last year's model. Seth rode well in almost all the races, but some of them, he had not managed to complete, especially in the second half of the season. The best results of the year - the sixth place in Donington, quarter in Brno. Seth drops to 16th place in the overall standings with a score of 51 points. The same number of Kenny Roberts.

2003 - Telefonica MoviStar Honda, start number 15, MotoGP
Together with sponsors, Seth moved to the stables Gresini Honda. To him falls into the hands of the champion RC211V. To my regret for the team at the first race of the season mate Seth Dadziro Kato dies. Seth is left alone with the new bike, no settings, no experience and no partner. Season is in a constant battle with Valentino Rossi, 4 wins, pole position in South Africa and as a result, 2 nd place in the Championship.

2004 - Telefonica MoviStar Honda, start number 15, MotoGP
After the grand season, Gibernau continues to climb up the hill and at the same time becoming a racer "Honda No. 1" after the transition to the stable Valentino Rossi Yamaha. The entire 2004 season he spent in a tough fight with Rossi for the title of MotoGP. Is being developed in parallel RC211V. Gibernau is a top contender to win, but Rossi still passes him on points: 4 wins Spaniard could not outweigh 9 wins Rossi. Second place in the Championship and 257 points.

2005 - Telefonica MoviStar Honda, start number 15, MotoGP
Crucial season for Gibernau relationship with your sponsor and team management solutions which are increasingly dependent on the opinion of HRC. Gibernau starts season strong and active: it has to be the champion now, or ... Valentino Rossi is doing everything to "or" reality. Italian dominance with 11 victories in 17 races, Ducati rise in the second half of the season and the strange behavior of the Gibernau put points on his career at Honda. Set the same but again raises the course record, winning the pole position and leading the race, but he did not win, but after the summer holidays and did begin to lose rating: second place with a confident Gibernau moved first to the fourth, then the fifth, and after gathering in Valencia Grand Prix and did finish the season on the 7th place with 150 points. Of the achievements of the season: a victory in the BMW Award on the basis of qualifications. When Seth "nothing prevents", he wins. Already in August 2005, began to escape the rumors that Gibernau in talks with Ducati about leaving Honda. Official statement of the transition to the Italian stable - the day of the last stage in Valencia.

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