Cycle racing is an recreation and enjoyable competition sport in which various types of bicycles are used and generally cycle racing will be held on banked tracks, on roads, and even across country. Cycle racing is more popular all over the world, especially in Europe followed by Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, India and other countries. The Union Cycliste Internationale founded on April 14, 1900 is the governing body for cycling and international competitive cycling events. The first official world championship was in 1893 held at Chicago and the first world champion in cycle racing was Arthur Zimmerman. Cycling was included in Olympic Games from 1896.

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Events, Location and distance of UCI Road World Championships 2011

UCI Road World Championships 2011 is a bicycle racing championship which are conducted yearly. This article will gives you more details about UCI Road World Championships 2011. Events, Location and distance of UCI Road World Championships 2011 are quoted in this article.

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