Bike Racing and its different Categories

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Bike Racing is a motor cycle sport of racing motor cycles. It includes road racing and off road racing, both either on circuits or open courses and track racing. Some of the other categories consists of hill climbs, drag racing and land speed record trials.

Categories of Bike Racing

The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme classifies motor cycle racing into four main categories. Each has again some sub categories.

Road Racing

Road racing is the sport of racing of motorcycles on tarmac. Races may take place either on purpose-built racing circuits or on closed public roads.
The Various Types of Road racing are:

Motorcycle Grand Prix

This refers to the first category of road racing. It is divided into three divisions namely:
  • 125 cc which includes engines of two strokes and the age limit is also restricted in here.

  • Moto2 which has been introduced by Dorna Sports consists of a 600cc four-stroke class vehicle. This rule has been introduced only in 2010. Before that one could use a 250cc two stroke engine.

  • Moto GP which consists of a 800cc four stroke engine.

Superbike racing

This category of motorcycle road racing includes modified production motorcycles. Superbike racing motorcycles have four stroke engines between 800cc to 1200cc for twins or 750cc to 1000cc for four cylinder machines.

Supersport racing

Supersport racing includes modified production motorcycles. One must have a 400-600cc four cylinder machine or 600 to 750cc twins in order to qualify for this sport. Supersport regulations are much tighter than that of Superbikes. Supersport machines should remain largely as standard, while engine tuning is possible but tightly regulated.

Endurance racing

This category of racing is meant to test the durability of the machine as well as that of the riders. Teams of many riders attempt to cover a large distance in a single event.

Sidecar racing

This is a category of sidecar motorcycle racing. Older sidecar road racers were like solo motorcycles with a platform. This category again includes two classes:
  • Sidecarcross( sidecar motocross)
  • Sidecar trials – F1/F2 road racing.

True road racing

True road racing includes racing on tracks built from closed public or park roads and sometimes extra pieces or purpose built tracks. In the past these races were quite common but now these races occur at seldom. The one truly international race takes place is "International Road Racing Championship" (IRRC). Most of these races take place only in Europe.


This type of races is a totally different from Road racing as it takes place in off roads. Bikes race through non-tarmac surfaces such as dirt, sand, mud, grass etc and it tends to include elevations natural or artificial. This includes two kinds of races:


Supercross is simply indoor motocross. This is associated with numerous jumps and takes place in stadiums or closed areas.In North America, this has been turned into an extremely popular spectator sport and fills large baseball stadiums. This has lead to Motocross being now termed the "outdoors".


This is a racing category which is a crossover between road racing and motocross. The motorcycles are mainly motocross types with road racing tyres. The racetrack is a mixture of road and dirt courses and can take place either on closed circuits or temporary venues.

Enduro and Cross Country

This is a form of off road motorcycle sport that primarily focuses on the endurance of the competitor. In its traditional forms, the competitors mainly finish a 10+ mile lap often going through forests. A normal event manly lasts for 3 to 4 hours.

There is a World Enduro Championship (WEC) that hosts events all over Europe, with a few excursions even to North America. The most significant event in the Enduro calendar is the International Six Day Enduro ISDE (formerly the ISDT), where various countries enter teams of riders (i.e. Enduro's "World Cup"). The event combines amateur sport with the professional level sport; it also takes place in a much more geographically dispersed range of locations.

The different types of Enduro races are:

Hare Scramble

This is a name given to an off road sport. This can vary in length and time and it takes place through wooded or rugged natural terrain.

Cross Country Rally

These are much bigger than endure. These use typically larger bikes and it takes place over days travelling hundreds of miles primarily across off road terrains.

Track Racing

This is a type of bike racing where participants race through oval tracks on various surfaces. This includes a number of races namely:

  • Indoor Short Track and TT Racing
  • Speedway
  • Grass Track
  • Ice Speedway
  • Board Track
  • Auto Race.


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