Horse Racing

Horse racing is an equestrian sport that dates back to ancient times which originated in Central Asia which was enjoyed by wealthy people and popularly called as the sport of kings. Gambling and betting on horses during races is a favorite pastime for wealthy people. During 648BC chariot racing and mounted racing was included in Greek Olympics. In 1665, the first racetrack was established in United States. The official jockey club was set up in 1750 which governs the racing were the rules and standards of horce racing were defined. Red Rum is the only horse to have won the UK Gran National three times, in 1973, 1974 and 1977. Read more on world famous race horses at!

Here at you will find articles related to horse racing where you can know about different types of horse racing such as Thoroughbred racing, Harness racing, Steeplechase racing, and Quarter horse racing. Learn and know about the history of horse racing where you can read the pros and cons of horse racing. Also here find out more on major horse races such as Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes, and Kentucky Derby and also find out the biography and profiles of worlds most skilled jockeys. Know the latest news on horse racing, horse racing tips and skills, famous race horses, horse racing results and more at!

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Horse racing types and racetracks in US

Now a days horse racing is getting more popular in many countries. This article gives you complete information about horse racing. Different types of horse racing events are included in this article. Details about horse racetracks and distance are also quoted in this article.

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