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Golf is one of the most played club and ball games around the world. The history of origin of golf is a bit unclear. While some historians refer the ancient Roman game of Paganica where a stuffed leather ball was hit by the players with a stick, some vote for the ancient Chinese game Chuiwan, which literally means striking a small ball. Some other sports historians assert that the ancient Persian game Chaugan had gradually changed into the present day golf. Whatever obscure origin may be, it can be asserted with certainty that the modern version of golf began in Scotland around the fifteenth century.

Here you can read several golf related articles. If you are an aspiring golf player, you can learn the technicalities of the game of golf here. Learn how to play golf, what are the best golfing techniques and strategies. Find out unqiue golf playing tips and tricks. If you are a coach, you can also find golf coaching guidance resources and materials here. Learn the rules and regulations of the game of golf as well as the golf stroke mechanics. Discover the best golf equipments manufacturer brands, companies and their retail outlets. Only in!

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Merion Golf Club - one of the top Golf Club in America

Merion golf Club which was established in year 1912 at Ardmore, Pennsylvania is among the top golf clubs in America. Consists of two courses the club has hosted numerous important tournaments and is also going to host 2013 US Open.

Firestone Country Club - a Golf Club in United States

Firestone Country Club is a golf club which has three courses - South, North and West is the venue of the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, a very important golf tournament in the World. Here is given about the history, the tournaments of this golf club.

Tiger Woods won at Arnold Plamer Invitational 2012

After a long wait of thirty month, Tiger wood ended the drought of a PGA Tour win at Arnold Palmer Invitational 2012 held at Bay Hill Club & Lodge, Florida. This is his seventh win in this tournament. Read this article for more information.

Golfers with most number of wins on Sunshine Tour

Sunshine Tour is one of the leading Golf Tour in the world. Some great golf players has played on this tournaments. Here is the list of the golfers who has won most number of tournaments on Sunshine Tour. We can see famous golfer Garry Player is leading the list.

Golf Rules and Terminology

Playing golf might be your hobby or even your passion, but to play any game the way it should be played, you need to be aware of the rules and terminology related to that game. Here we let you know about the rules of Golf and some popular terminology related to the game.

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