Gymnastics Competitions, Events, Players

Gymnastics is a very graceful sport that requires physical strength, flexibility, synchronization and coordination. It demands a sense of balance, endurance and physical grace. Gymnastics traces its origin to ancient Greece. In 1881 the Federation of International Gymnastics(FIG) which is the governing body of gymnastics world wide was
founded in Liege. FIG governs the seven types of gymnastics namely, Mens Artistic, Womens Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline, Aerobic, Acrobatic and group. Mens Gymnastics was first introduced in the modern Olympic Games in 1896. The 1928 games in Amsterdam is notable as Women first stated to participate in gymnastics. Here you can get various articles on upcoming gymnastics competitions and events, gymnasts profiles, gymnastic guidelines, olympic gymnastics, gymnastic scores, records and so on. You can find all you need about gymnastics only at!

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Batum in the big leagues

Restricted free-agent in last summer, Nicolas Batum has signed a lucrative four-year contract for the Blazers. Remains whether it will prove up to his salary, making him one of the ten best wingers paid the entire NBA. This article tell you the story in detail.

Scoring Rules of Gymnastics and Events for Men and Women

If you are an individual interested in performing gymnastics and are interested to know the details of the events associated with the sport, this article will serve your need. We bring to you detailed information about the events for both men and women in gymnastics. Also know about the scoring rules in this sport.

Events, Scoring rules and scoring scale of Aerobic Gymnastics

Aerobics is one of the main event in Gymnastics. Aerobics requires continuous skills and ability to perform the movements. This article gives you more details about Aerobic Gymnastics. Details about scoring scale and rules, events in Aerobic Gymnastics are quoted in this article.

Scoring, components and judgement in Acrobatic gymnastics

Acrobatic gymnastics is one of the form of Gymnastics. Acrobatic gymnastics is performed by groups or pairs. This article gives you more information about the events and components of the Acrobatic gymnastics. Judges and Judging of Acrobatic gymnastics are also quoted in this article.

Gymnastics in Olympics

Gymnastics is an international sport practiced by many. Gymnasts train hard and prepare for their competitions well in advance. Whether they are young kids participating in beginner gym classes or they are experienced adults, they use flexibility, strength, agility, balance, and coordination. When a well trained gymnast steps onto the mat or jumps up on the beam, their focus and determination shines through gracefully in their routine.

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