Acrobatic gymnastics is a competitive sport which combines strength, flexibility and technicalities of tumblling and artistic gymnastics and it demands skilful control of the body in various positions both on the ground and in the air. In acrobatic gymnastics the acrobats performs in pairs or in teams accompanied with music. The word acrobatics derives from the Greek akrobatos which means walking on tiptoe. One can marvel the spell bounding performances on acrobatics gymnastics, where the members of the performing team throw and catch their teammates. The five disciplines of acrobatics gymnastics includes, mens pairs, womens pairs, mixed pairs, womens group (3 gymnasts) and mens groups (4 gymnasts). In acrobatic competition all the pairs and groups have to perform three excercises, one balance, one dynamic and one combined.

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Scoring, components and judgement in Acrobatic gymnastics

Acrobatic gymnastics is one of the form of Gymnastics. Acrobatic gymnastics is performed by groups or pairs. This article gives you more information about the events and components of the Acrobatic gymnastics. Judges and Judging of Acrobatic gymnastics are also quoted in this article.

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