Aerobic Gymnastics is a top level competitive sport which was developed and included in general gymnastics during 1980s. This is also known as sport aerobics and it has an great appeal not only for gymnasts but also for dancers and fitness enthusiasts. Aerobic gymnastics combines aerobic choreography and gymnastics which demands dynamic moves, strength, body co-ordination, balance and they are ususally perfomed on a small floor area, lasting up to 1 minute 50 seconds. Creativity and expression are the major factors lies on the performance of aerobic gymnastics. The different categories of Aerobic gymnastics includes Mens individuals, Womens individuals, Mixed pairs, Trios and Groups consisting of six gymnasts. The first Aerobic Gymnastics World
Championship was held in the year 1995 at Paris. It was included in the official sports of World Games in Lahti, Finland in 1996. Here at you will find articles on aerobic gymnastics where you can learn the basic steps in aerobic gymnastics, aerobic movement patterns, you can learn about the seven basic aerobic steps such as Knee lift, Kick, Jacks, Lunge, March, Jog and Skip. Find articles on where you can get extensive training on aerobics, find the contact details of your nearest aerobics classes, know the health and fitness benefits of aerobic excercise all at!

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Events, Scoring rules and scoring scale of Aerobic Gymnastics

Aerobics is one of the main event in Gymnastics. Aerobics requires continuous skills and ability to perform the movements. This article gives you more details about Aerobic Gymnastics. Details about scoring scale and rules, events in Aerobic Gymnastics are quoted in this article.

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