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Wrestling is one of the natural and oldest form of sport originated in ancient Greece. Wrestling falls under the category what is known as combat sport where two combatants fight against each other using their bare hands to throw each other under certain prescribed rules. In Wrestling competitions, the wrestlers are divided into the classes by weight. Every country adopts their unique forms of wrestling styles and today you can find more than thousand different styles of Wrestling.

Find out the different forms of Amateur Wrestling, History of Wrestling, Wrestling clothing regulations, Wrestling match types and more. Here we will update latest news from WWE, TNA and here you can learn more on Wrestling techniques, types and styles of Wrestling and know more about the upcoming Wrestling matches at SportsVale.com!

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World Wrestling Entertainment Slammy Awards 2012

Awards For the Wrestlers, like Grammy Award for the people in Music Field, Called Slammy Awards,These awards are presented Every Year to felicitate the Wreslers.The List Of Slammy Awards 2012 presented to the Professional Wrestlers,Hall of Fames,General Managers and other People involved in WWE Universe

Slammy Awards 2011 from World Wrestling Entertainment

In this article,I am going to give a brief explanation about Slammy awards of World Wrestling Entertainment and its history of origin and the interrupts in the Slammy awards. I also enlisted the Winners list of Slammy Awards 2011

Rules of Freestyle wrestling

The Freestyle wrestling is the most popular style of fighting. In this combat sport, the wrestler who put his opponent to the mat pinning him in the shoulders to the ground won a victory by fall. There are also timed battles where you can win with the points of danger. If you want to know more about the rules of the Freestyle wrestling game then read the full article.

History, Champions and wrestlers in WWE Raw

Raw is one of the main divisions in WWE. This article gives you more details about History of Raw. Names of all wrestlers in Raw is also quoted in this article. Championships and Champions of WWE Raw is also included in this article. Read this article full for more details.

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