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Baseball is one of the most popular bat and ball games, especially popular in the Americas. While the earliest forms of baseball can be traced back to Europe, the modern version of the game gradually evolved in the United States of America and is nowadays recognised all over the world as the national sport of USA. The professional Major League Baseball (MLB) in the US drive people crazy to the highest extent imaginable, just like cricket in the Indian subcontinent.

Here in you can read several articles on baseball, including the history of the baseball game, baseball outside America, baseball tournaments, biographies and career statistics of some of the baseball legends, baseball players profiles, baseball match schedules, baseball tournament fixtures and results, MLB match news, MLB match fixtures, and more. Only in!

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2011 Little League World Series teams, rules and live telecast

2011 Little League World Series baseball tournament for children fixtures or schedules are from August 18-28 this year. Learn more about 2011 Little League World Series teams, uniforms and rules. Know where to watch baseball children World Series 2011 live telecast.

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