Baseball Matches and Tournaments

The professional baseball matches began in the middle of the nineteenth century, and in 1857 sixteen US clubs formed the first ever governing body of the game, the National Association of Base Ball Players. The first professional baseball club, the Cincinnati Red Stockings, was formed in 1869. Since then different baseball matches and baseball tournaments championships, and different baseball leagues have been arranged in US and outside, on both professional and amateur levels.

Here you can know more about the baseball matches, leagues, tournaments and championships, along with the upcoming baseball match fixtures, baseball match results, MLB fixtures, AL match fixtures, NL match results and more. Also get the news of the baseball matches and tournaments from Japans Central League and Pacific League as well as West League and East League in Cuba. Only in!

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2011 Little League World Series teams, rules and live telecast

2011 Little League World Series baseball tournament for children fixtures or schedules are from August 18-28 this year. Learn more about 2011 Little League World Series teams, uniforms and rules. Know where to watch baseball children World Series 2011 live telecast.

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