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One of the most ancient track and field sports, athletics is played all around the world, and is one of the very prestigious events in the Olympic Games, the Asian Games, the Commonwealth Games, the Afro-Asian games, and similar other international sports tournaments. Here in the Athletics section of you can find lots of articles related to athletics. Check athletics world records in various track and field events such as running, jumping, throwing and more. Learn about the rules and regulations of athletics. If you are yourself an athlete, here you can find several athletics tips and strategies for a better performance. Athletics coaching tips are also there for budding athletics coaches, focused on bringing out new talents. In brief, here you can find an athletics encyclopedia in

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Biggest International Sports Festival: Olympic Games

Biggest International sports event, which is featuring summer as well as winter sports named “Olympic Games”. In this Olympic Games thousands of Athletes from different countries are coming to participate. Summer Olympic and Winter Olympic two different seasonal Olympic now held every two years but in alternating manner.

2015 Special Olympics in Los Angeles

This article gives you some important news about the official declaration of 2015 Special olympics venue which will be held in Los Angeles. Read the article full for getting the complete information about the venue.

2011 IAAF World Athletics Championships events timetable and schedule

What are the dates of the 2011 IAAF World Athletics Championships? Which are the events at the 2011 IAAF World Athletics Championships? This article answers these queries by giving complete information on the 2011 IAAF World Athletics Championships to be held at Daegu this month.

2012 Mumbai Marathon Routes

What is the route for the 2012 Mumbai Half Marathon? Will the 2012 Mumbai Marathon route include the Bandra Worli sealink? This article answers these queries by giving complete information on the running road routes for the 2012 Mumbai Marathon and also and provides a map of the event.

Indian sports ministry removes four SAI officials and eight top athletes during doping scandal

Read this article to know more about doping scandal which took place few days back. It includes positive test for eight Indian players, who found guilty of taking H performance enhancing drugs and their past achievements has also been terminated by Indian sports council. Four Indian officials membership is terminated including Indian coach RS Sidhu. In this article I will explain the names of athletes and SAI officials tested positive during doping scandal.

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