Miscellaneous Games and Sports

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What will be the economic future for Poker?

As always, thousands of players have paid to enter the WSOP Main Event this year. But 2012 is also synonymous with many questions about the economic future of poker. This is the article on the future of poker games.

Olympic Game Details: Weightlifting

This article gives you full information related to the Weightlifting. It was one if the eight sports to feature in the first modern Olympics in 1896. Snatch and Clean-and-jerk are two different types of Weightlifting.

Talent, skillor hard work makes a great sportsman

when you see a group of kids playing a game you notice a kid who is exceptionally talented and stands out in the crowd .The kid learns all skills of the game as time progresses but is it enough.In course of time the kid may rely too much on talent and will not work hard to acquire the skills ,even if it does so may not work hard enough to attain perfection .SO the essence of succes is the combination of all the three.

Sportparents and their children

For children to come up in life and to fulfill their aspirations in the field of sports the help and support is absolutely necessary. Parents give everything to their wards, physically,morally and financially.But some how unknowingly they get over involved and this could cause harm to the prospects. How does happen? Read this article

Attentive focus in sports

Attentive focus is very very important for all sportsmen.It can simply mean being focused in the game ,keeping distractions away and maintaining concentration. spectator disturbances ,internal disturbance like negative thinking ,reporters ,cameramen, fans ,etc can rob players of the vital focus and concentration.It is very important to deal with distractions which is an integral part of competitive sports,in order to achieve .

Rugby world cup 2011 - Fixtures and teams

New Zealand is ready and set for 2011 Rugby world cup. This article gives you details about fixture of Rugby world cup 2011.There are 20 teams playing in this 2011 world cup. More details about teams and groups are given in this article. Read this article till the end for complete information.

Relaxation of body and mind during moments of pressure in all kind of sports

Relaxation of body and mind during moments of pressure: These days’ participating in sporting events and competitions has become a serious business. Sportsmen fight for name, fame, money, satisfaction, and appreciation they get from playing competitive sports. It’s not easy; the players have to live with the stress associated with modern day competitive stress.

Skateboarding in india

This article is an analysis of the prospects of skateboarding games in India. X Games which are rarely celebrated, skateboarding being one of them, should be promoted more in India as a sport as it is in the west.

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