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Martial arts is a collection of different kinds of fighting and defence techniques that have their origins in Asian combat styles. Martial arts focuses on three aspects as striking arts, weapon arts and grappling arts. There are thousand different types of martial arts practiced by millions of people around the world. Defending
oneself and their loved ones from dangerous situation is crucial in todays world and it requires much courage and strength. Apart from self defence, many people learn martial arts for fitness benefit. provides detailed information on history of martial arts, martial arts techniques, martial arts styles, traditional and historical facts about martial arts and more. Here you will find articles on U.S. Open World Martial Arts Championships, Karate competitions, FILA Wrestling World Championships, Judo Championships, explore the biographic profiles of martial arts fighters and know the latest news on martial arts events and tournaments at!

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Asian Senior Judo Championships 2011, Abu Dhabi, U. A. E.

This article is about the Asian Senior Judo Championships 2011, Abu Dhabi, U. A. E. that was held from April 5th to April 7, 2011 and saw the participation of various nations of Asia. The continent level competition organised by Judo Union of Asia was a countable success and the details for the competition is enlisted in this article.

Las Vegas Kung Fu – Wushu – Tai Chi tournament August 2011

This article is about the Las Vegas Kung Fu – Wushu – Tai Chi tournament which is to be held during the weekend of the mid August in Las Vegas. This article contains the details and schedule of the tournament that were published by the organisation ICMAC which is responsible for organising the tournament.

History of Boxing: An Overview and the Names of Some Boxing Champions

Boxing is known to many as a violent sport. This sport involves two people fighting and is about the display of one’s strength and skill. Today boxing is an important sport also included as part of the Olympic Games. But do you know where this all began? Read this article to know more about the history of boxing.

Boxing Rules and Weight Classes: Amateur and Professional.

Boxing, though looked at as a violent game, is a world-famous sport and also an integral part of the Olympic Games. It is also one of the most popular sports of the world. But to qualify as a boxing champion you need to have knowledge of the rules of the game. Read on to know more.

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