Apart from combat and hunting, archery has been a recreational sport in many cultures across the globe. Modern competitive archery is a notable outdoor sports and a part of all the multi sports tournaments including the Olympics. The Fédération Internationale de Tir à lArc or FITA, also often called the International Archery Federation.

Here you can learn about the various forms of archery such as target archery, field archery, 3D archery, clout archery, crossbow archery, flight archery, ski archery and more. You can also learn about the various archery competitions, tournaments and championships across the world such as Olympics archery events, Summer Olympic archery events, Paralympic archery events, Summer Paralympic archery events, Asian Games archery events, Commonwealth Games archery events, FITA Archery World Cup, Target World Championship and more. Stay updated with the latest news from the archery tournaments all over the world. If you are an archery student, learn about the various tactics, tips and strategies of archery. Find out the best archery training institutions. Explore the best archery gears and equipments manufacturer brands and companies across the world. Only in!

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Scoring rules and terminology used in Archery sports

Technical terms of archery and various rules like shooting and scoring still seem complicated to many. With competitive archery being an important sports event, why don't take a look at the list of rules of archery and different terms used in this sport?

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