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Billiard refers to a group of some popular board and table games and is used almost synonymously for cue sports, such as pool, carom billiards, snooker and so on. The Billiards World Cup Association, is the international and highest governing body for carom billiards which arranges carom billiard matches and tournaments at various levels. While Charles Cottons The Compleat Gamester (1674) offers a wood engraving of the early form of the billiards games, the history of billiards and cue sports date back to a much older time. Shakespeares Antony and Cleopatra (1606–07) has a reference to it too. Cue sports can boast some big names among its fans like Mozart, Marie Antoinette, Immanuel Kant, Napoleon, Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, George Washington, Charles Dickens, George Armstrong Custer, Theodore Roosevelt, Lewis Carroll and many more distinguished personalities.

Here in you can learn more about how to play cue sports like billiards, snooker, pool and so on. Discover the tips and strategies of cue sports. Know more about the billiard and snooker world records, Olympics records and the like. Get alerted about the upcoming billiards and snooker matches, competitions and championships. Its all in one place -!

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Equipments and rules of Snooker game

This article gives you more information about Snooker game - the best and interesting cue sport event. More details about the equipments and rules of snooker game are quoted in this article. Read the article full for more information.

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