Table Tennis

Table tennis, also often called ping pong, is one of the most popular board and table games and is played all around the world. The worldwide organization and the highest governing body of table tennis is the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) which was founded in 1926, and includes over two hundred member associations. From 1988, table tennis is being played in the Olympics sport, with singles and doubles events for both men and women.

Here we are offering you a complete table tennis encyclopedia. Read how to play table tennis, table tennis playing tips and strategies, table tennis coaching books, table tennis coaching strategies, table tennis learning books, table tennis grips such as the penhold grip and the shakehand grip, table tennis best equipments manufacturer companies outlets, types of shots and strokes in table tennis like speed drive, counter drive, loop, flip, smash, push, chop, block, lob and more. Learn how to do effective and maximum backspin and topspin in table tennis or ping pong. Learn about the biographies, career statistics and profiles of the top table tennis players in the world, latest table tennis players rankings, upcoming domestic and international table tennis matches and tournaments, table tennis match fixtures and results and more. Only in!

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Profile, Biography and Career of Indian Table Tennis Player, Sharath Kamal

This article is about India's top table tennis player Achanta Sharath Kamal who has participated in various international tournaments and performed really well in these tournaments including the Egypt Open Table Tennis Championship and Pyongyong Invitational tournament. Here is given the profile and biography of this player.

Scoring rules, equipments, and shot types in Table tennis

This article gives complete information about Table tennis game. Scoring rules and Equipments for playing Table Tennis are also included in this article. Different types of shots in Table tennis are also quoted in this article. Read this article full more details.

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