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Video games have gained immense popularity in todays entertainment industry. The evolution of video games is traced back to the year 1947 where, Thomas T. Goldsmith and Estle Ray Mann first created the electronic interactive game. In 1961 the computer game Spacewar was created by Steve Russell. After that a number of games was created like Star Trek, Computer base ball and so on. Later during 1975 the game PONG was released. The period between 1980 to 1990 was considered as the golden period for video games, as a variety of video games were introduced. Nowadays video games have high quality surrond sound equipped with highly advanced graphics, and one can enjoy the latest video games on gadgets such as PS3, Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox 360 and so on. Nowadays, video games are addictive as every now and then a number of latest video games are released which
makes the fingers struck to the joystick.

Here you will find a number of articles related with video games where you can know the details of upcoming video games, read expert reviews on latest video games, know about top selling video games, know about the history of video game consoles. Read comprehensive list of articles on video game controversies, negative effects of video games, effects of video games on children and more. Video games can be a great gift if you take time to think to buy the right ones. So before buying video games online, hear our experts advice and recommendation to buy right type of video games. Know video game playing tips, hints and tricks and many more on!

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Virtua Tennis 4 Review: latest video game released in PC, Xbox, PS 3 and Wii

Check out this article, as you will get all information relating to latest video game release Virtua Tennis 4, which is available in PC, XBOX, WII and PS3. Game summary, system requirements, Player’s list, Online store for buying Virtua tennis 4 and details about game modes are also included in this article.

Review of FIFA Manager 12 New Features and Game Play Tips

What's new in FIFA Manager 12 as it will come out? What are going to be FIFA Manager 12 special features? Get your queries answered in this FIFA Manager 12 wiki article as we have discussed about FM12 new features and game play tips in details.

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