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While the Greek athletes, that was in turn derived from áthlos or áthlon (literally, competition), referred to anyone who participated in any contest, nowadays the word athlete has come down to mean competitive contestants of athletics competitions and is not usually used as a synonym of sports-persons. Here in you can read about the biographies, profiles and career statistics of all the famous athletes across the globe, irrespective of their times and places. Hand in hand will let you know about the legendary athletes of the past, as well as some of the worlds greatest athletes of the present days. Usually the worlds greatest athlete title goes to the one who excels in the decathlon, while for women it is heptathlon. The heptathlon consists of seven track and field events consisting of the 100 meter hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200 meters run, long jump, javelin throwing, and 800 meters run. The decathlon events are 100 meters run, long jump, shot put, high jump, 400 meters run, 110 meters hurdles, discus throwing, pole vault, javelin throwing, and 1500 meters run. Historically, Jim Thorpe is considered as one of the all time greatest athletes in the world, an Olympic gold medallist in decathlon, who also played baseball, basketball and football at a professional level.

Here you can read about the biographies, careers and profiles of the best runners, long jumpers, high jumpers, discus, shot put and javelin throwers and other athletes of the world. Only in

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Oscar Pistorius athlete biography and career profile

Who is Oscar Pistorius? In which events does Oscar Pistorius run? How does Oscar Pistorius run? This article answers these queries by giving complete information on Oscar Pistorius life, the blades he uses, his athletic career, family, etc. You will also get to see images of Oscar Pistorius.

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