Tips and tricks to run computer games faster and smoother

There are many slow running computers which is difficult to play games on these computer. This article gives you some important tips and tricks to improve and makes your PC games run faster and smoother. Read the article full for more details about the tips and tricks to improve your PC games.

How to run run PC games faster and smoother

Are you facing difficulties in playing games in PC? Majority of the gamers are looking for a solution to this problem, even though your computer meets full system requirements to run a game, there will be stuck and slow running in the game. First make sure that your game meets minimum system requirements to run that game and after that use some simple tricks like making the computer virus free, closing unwanted programs etc. More tips and tricks to run PC games faster and smoother are given below.

Use softwares to improve the speed of PC games

Some softwares are really useful for making you PC games run faster and smoother. Gamebooster is one of the software which makes any games faster. Game booster will automatically closes background programs. Game Booster 3.0 is the latest version. The software is free to use. Game Booster is freely downloadable. This software in windows xp or windows 7. GameGain 2 is another software used to run computer games faster. GameGain 2 is much more advanced software where options are more for improving the PC games. GameGain 2 helps in running the latest games with smooth and faster. This software supports all OS which includes Windows 7, Vista, XP & Windows Server 2008, 2003. GameGain 2 is not free to use like game booster and you can buy this software through online. You can download the trial version of GameGain 2 freely.

virus free computer to run PC games faster

Many of the computers meet full system requirements to run a PC game but still the game runs slow. The main reason is that the computer is attacked by viruses where the entire computer will become slow and automatically the games will also runs slower. Make sure that your computer is virus free. There are many ways to check whether your computer is attacked by viruses. First you can check the CPU performance of your computer if your memory usage is high than the normal, your computer is attacked by viruses and also make sure that you have installed one virus checker like Avira, avast etc.

Disabling background programs

Before starting a game, make sure that you have closed all other programs and only the game. Closing unwanted programs from tray icons will also make Games to run faster in PC. Closing unwanted programs will improve the CPU performance and reduce the memory usage which is important for a game to run faster in any computers. If you are using an old computer without any graphics card, this option will be more helpful for running the games smoother. If you are having any problems in closing the background programs use the softwares mentioned above like gamebooster or gamegain to close the programs.

Makes your PC games smoother and faster using graphics card

Graphics card is an important part of a game which not only improves the graphics of the game but also ensures the game to run faster and smoother without any stuck. Most of the games which are releasing now require a graphics card. There are different types of graphics card available in the market where Nvidia and ATI radeon are the two leading graphics card companies. If you are having a good graphics card there is no need to apply any options mentioned above to make the games run faster and smoother. Graphics card also allows you to play the latest games with high resolution and graphics. Nvidia graphic cards are having high demand now a day.


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