Tips and Tricks of Fear 3, The Amazing Video Game

Worried about How to play Fear 3 or wondering about How to score more on Fear 3? Well, Fear 3 is a first person- shooter game. This Game is a sequel to the game Fear 2. To know more about this video game, Fear 3 Video game tips or Fear 3 gaming techniques and strategies check this Fear 3 wiki article.

Fear 3, developed by Day 1 Studios for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the OnLive cloud gaming service is a sequel to the game Fear 2: Project Origin. This is the third installment of the Fear series. This was announced on April 8, 2010 and is stated to include John Carpenter helping on the cinematics as well as writer Steve Niles.

Fear 3 GamePlay Tips

Fear 3 contains features like "co-op, an evolved cover system, and more scares", according to the Day 1 studios founder and president Denny Thorley. In this game the player mainly control either Point Man or Paxon Fettel, the protagonist or the antagonist of the game respectively, from its first game named Fear. The control system for this game is similar to its previous ones.

It gives the player a list of commands which is typical of most first person shooter games (the ability to fire weapons, throw grenades, melee, activate/use items etc), as well as the ability to slow time. As, Fettel the player helps the point man using telekinesis, possession, stun, a melee attack which is unique to Fettel and other abilities. This game also provides both online and offline Co-Op help. Once a player completes one level as Point Man, in the multi player mode, one can replay that level in single player as Paxon Fettel.

Plot and synopsis of Fear 3 action video game

Fear 3Nine monthes after the events of the previous two games, the Point Man was captured by Armacham Security and was interrogated in an asylum. Paxton interrupts the interrogation and helps free the Point Man. The two form an uneasy alliance and escape the Asylym through the slums. In a helicopter they return to Fairport to regroup with FEAR operative Jin Sun Kwon. Fighting their way through the brothers met up with Jin. Jin plays arecorded video footage of Micheal Becket who brought to light his rape and is slated by Armacham for transport.

Using an automated transport, the point Man and Fettel assault the local airport to intercept Becket, killing the Armacham personnel. In order to gain more Intel from Beckett, Fettel posses him and thus gets to know his identity and reveals it to the point man and Becket gets to know about the Point man's identity.. Fettel's release of Beckett proves fatal, causing an explosion. The Point Man and Fettel head towards an old training facility by Harlan Wade years ago to study and develop the prototypes. They start to destroy items associated with memories of their childhood or past to cause damage on the lingering echo of Harlan Wade known as The Creep. Just after destroying a monstrous apparition of Wade, one of two endings is possible, depending on multiple factors or on the person who is playing the game. For a single-player, a good or an evil ending may occur depending on the player who has controlled the Point Man or Fettel. Alternatively, if played during co-op, the player with the higher score determines the ending. The good ending will show Point Man overpowering Fettel and vice-versa, with the ending depending on whether Point Man or Fettel had survived their final struggle.

The Point Man when ends the game shoots Paxton three times in the head and watches his body spontaneously burn itself up. Then he walks over to Alma to finish the job when he notices that her baby has been born successfully. Alma's body then disappears, as the Point Man receives a transmission from Jin that everything was finally over and thanked him for his efforts. He takes the baby in his left hand and leaves the room.

The Paxton Fettel ending has Paxton possessing the Point Man's body and at any cost extracting the baby from Alma's swollen body. He then promises to raise the child as it was his own, but he sets it aside as he notices Alma. Fettel then pounces on his mother, and eat her violently.

Fear 3 game Tips and Tricks

Interested to know how to increase the score while playing Fear 3? To know more about the Fear 3 Gaming strategies one can try to follow the following Fear 3 tips and tricks given below:

  • Maximize ones score by fulfilling multiple challenge requirements. This can be achieved by playinghigher difficulty levels and completing each level as fast as one can. Use ones special abilities as much as possible and combine the challenges to make sure one maximizes the score witheach person one kills.

  • Exploration is crucial - search each level thoroughly for hidden ammo caches, psychic link bodies, and the most important of all Alma doll. The psychic links and Alma dolls appear in random locations, so make sure one fully explore on each play thoroughly.

  • When playing co-op, psychic links can be shared or stolen. If one is looking to set an individual high score, steal them. If one wants to set a team high score, share them. Even though one only gets 750 points for psychic links, since one receives both the reward it adds a total of 1,500 to ones team score.

  • Ranking-up improves various stats including things like ammo capacity, health, and slow-mo. Maximizing ones Rank is essential to play on the Insane difficulty. Replaying a level with a higher rank also makes it easier to set a high score and compete for the top position on the leaderboards.

  • The ranks are determined by ones total score and the perks are universal in main campaign, co-op, and multiplayer. If one is facing trouble in one mode, one can spend some time in another to rank up and then try again.

  • The Arc Beam weapon reflects off walls and floors to hit nearby enemies, and can hit more than one at a time - very useful when the Armacham Soldiers are hiding behind cover.

  • The Phase Caster is one of the toughest enemies in F.E.A.R. 3. One should make sure one kills him as soon as possible. The Phase Caster will keep calling in reinforcements as one take them out. Phase Casters can be destroyed with fewer shots if one focuses high-powered weapon-fire on its head.

  • The Scavengers can be difficult for Fettel to defeat. One method to quickly dispatch them is to levitate the enemy, get close, and push melee for the instant kill. At the same time, if there are multiple Scavengers, one can always suspend one while killing another with the stun blast.

  • In multiplayer mode 'Fucking Run!,' one may send a teammate ahead with a Riot Shield. It is a good way to add an extra layer of protection to the rest of the team.

  • Also in 'Fucking Run!' multiplayer mode, the slide tackle is ones strongest asset. Not only does it keeps one moving forward, but it also takes out enemies.

  • One should Plan ahead when playing multiplayer mode 'Contractions.' Storing all of ones ammo on the top level of ones safe house will take longer, but this pays off in later waves.

  • One is adviced not to try to stay in one body when playing multiplayer mode 'Soul King.' Body to body possession is a strategic part of the mode. One can escape other players by jumping from body to body across large portions of the maps. If one is going to die, then one should possess a new body with full health. If one sees an enemy getting the drop on the competitor, one should possess it and get the kill.

  • Multiplayer mode 'Soul King' is designed to be competitive all the way until the end. The last 30 seconds of each round are the most hectic and critical. One should try to stay in second or third place so that one can sweep in for victory in the closing seconds of the round by killing the King.
  • In multiplayer mode 'Soul Survivor,' getting a kill while in Last Stand will revive one. However because of the fact that ammo is limited, try not to use ones Last Stand handgun ammo unless absolutely necessary. One can have squad members revive one whenever possible.

  • The "We'll Try Again Tomorrow" achievement or trophy is the easiest to achieve in the first 3 waves of The Commute multiplayer map.


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