How to improve this site

Hello Webmasters,

I would like to make a few suggestions to improve this site, specifically the categories for each sport. I find that the sub-categories for each sport are very limited. For example, athletics has only profiles and general articles. The term 'general articles' is very vague. We need to have specific sub-categories.

Each sport should have these categories:
1. Profiles - this is presently included.
2. Events - this is to write article on an upcoming event of the particular sport or write about the results of a major event of that sport.
3. Rules/How to play - here members should write in simple language how the sport can be played.
4. Equipment/Gear - what is required for a sport, what are the latest trends (such as a new type of tennis racquet or a new type of bicycle helmet.
5. History - here members can contribute how, when and where the sport first started.

If you include these sub-categories for each and every sport, a member can contribute better. The sport's all aspects will then be covered, and the member can inter-link articles thereby improving traffic to our site.

Regarding sports:
1. Please do not club shooting and archery together. These are 2 entirely different sports!
2. Please introduce a category of Water Sports. In this category, members can put in articles for sailing, surfing, yacht races, etc.
3. Please introduce a category for Adventure Sports.

Please do consider these suggestions as then our site will become a one-stop site for not just all sports, but also all features & aspects of a sport. Members can also suggest a major sport which may have been left out.