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    Discuss: Who will win Copa America 2011

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic Who will win Copa America 2011. I am supporting Argentina, as I am big fan of Lionel Messi. Which team do you support and who is your favourite footballer in Copa America 2011?

    I am voting for Argentina as the possible winner of Copa America 2011 because they use slightly different tactics which is uncommon in other Latin American countries but frequently seen in Continental football - they overload one side and release a third man, while attacking full backs like J. Zanetti provide supporting runs through the wings. And Messi is always there to finish it off!
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    If you ask who will be Copa America 2011 champion, I will name Brazil. Yes I admit that Brasil has lost its past glory and people are asking questions like can Brasil win Copa America 2011. But I will still vote for Brazil as the Copa America 2011 winner.

    Can Brasil win Copa America 2011

    1. The skill of Alexandre Pato. When he is at his best, he looks quite unstoppable. Neymar also had a good season with Santos and should not be overlooked.

    2. The Brazilian Total Football which is very difficult to handle when they are on the move. You never know who is going to pop up where as they shift their positions adeptly on the field.

    3. Argentina depends too much on their strikers' head. Yes, I used it literally. They have a tendency to provide long balls to their strikers which can be effectively cut down by Brazil's short passing and midfield based game play.

    4. Despite the 0-0 draw against Venezuela, Brazil is a team that can suddenly fire at any time.

    There are two group matches left for Brazil. If they perform well there is no reason that Brazil should not make their way to the quarter finals. After that, it will be quite unpredictable as one flash of collective team work or individual talent can change the complexion of any game at any moment. However, as of now Brazil should concentrate on getting all the 3 points from the upcoming Brazil-Paraguay match in Copa America 2011.

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    I joined this website today and found this to be a very nice discussion such as to who will be Copa America 2011 winner. Ever since the tournament began in Estadio Ciudad de La Plata in Argentina this has been the million dollar question among the football lovers all over the world. As an amateur sports analyst let me share my opinion regarding who will win Copa América 2011.

    • Can Argentina win Copa América 2011?
      Following the World Cup devastation and the home crowd plus point, Argentina is definitely a very strong candidate for the Copa América this year. The attacking squad of Argentina consisting of Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero, Carlos Tevez, Gonzalo Higuain and Diego Milito is going to throw serious challenges to their oppositions.

    • Will Brazil win Copa America this year?
      I agree to the points made by Mr. Sarkar. The four time Copa America champions in the last five years do not require an introduction. Neymar's Santos team mate Ganso can also offer some fireworks. And then there is Mano Menezes on whom I can easily bet high; he is going to be the next generation icon for sure.

    • Uruguay's chance of winning Copa America 2011
      Well, apart from Brazil and Argentina, everyone will bet for La Celeste for sure! With the star trio Luis Suarez, Diego Forlan and Edinson Cavani, coupled with a glorious record of lifting the cup 14 times in the history of Copa America, Urugay can definitely be a tough competitor.

    • Paraguay in Copa America 2011
      The very name of Paraguay reminds the football romantics of José Luis Chilavert! With reaching the quarter finals in the history of world cup in the last occasion for the first time, the Paraguay football is definitely ushering a promising future. In fact if they could put the penalty shot right they bid Spain adieu from the 2010 World Cup. I am considering them the dark horse of Copa America 2011.

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    I would vote on favor of Argentina (75%) and even want them to win. As said by others they have a very good attacking squad and their defense is also good. At the same time we cannot under estimate Brazil too. Though they had a tough time in the recent days, they too will be a tough competitor. I guess they too have a chance of winning (25%).

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    I have voted for Argentina, they have always been a great team with lots of potential. Now since coming of great players like Messi it really has boosted up their morale. Although brazil is a great team too and with star players like Pato. But the combination of Argentina is something worth watching. During the world cup I really disliked Maradonna's coaching as he was concerned mainly about attack and attack only, but the situation is different here. It will be a treat to watch Brazil and Argentina play each other. Other teams like Uruguay and Paraguay are good too.
    Long live Argentina football, long live Messi

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    My vote goes to Paraguay as both the Argentina and Brazil are not showing their skills now a days. Paraguay seems to be a better team with good speed and skills. A young team indeed. Though they do not have players like Messi, the bar of Paraguay is safe at the hands of their Goalkeeper Justo Villar. My vote goes to Paraguay this time.

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    As the giants in Football Brazil and Argentina are out, the sky is clear now.
    The semi final line up is Peru v/s Urugua and Venezela v/s Parugua on 19th and 20th respectively. On 24th the 2011 Coppa America champion will positively be Paragua and the Cup will be in the safe hands of their captain Villar.

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