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    Discuss: Which one of the following games is mostly liked by the people of India?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Which one of the following games is mostly liked by the people of India?'.
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    It is our illuck that we Indians have a habit to attract to things which are coming from the west. People are attracted to the word 'International', 'foreign', 'western', etc.

    This is applicable on the games also.

    Our national game is Hockey but the Indians are crazy about Cricket. It is nice that one is best in the games of the others but what about the national which is being changed by the tricky westerner.

    We should play all the games, but should have more liking for our national game.


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    For sure Cricket is the most liked and favorite game of the people of India and youth is backing up the sport considerably as compared to other sports both due to money involved and popularity of this game abroad. Another reason is that Indian team is doing wonders in this sport.
    I am not saying that we should not promote other sports but still better an Indian team performs in a sport more popularity the game will get in India. This is obvious truth and that is why football, hockey etc. are lagging.

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    Cricket is most popular game in India. Cricket is mostly watched by all aged person.

    Harjit Singh

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    Cricket and Football games are most popularly linked with peoples of India.
    Football is the oldest traditional outdoor game with minimum expense whereas cricket is expensive.
    In the cricket game one has to spend huge money to buy kits and also require costly maintenance of playing ground whereas in football there is less maintenance cost.

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    There is no doubt that cricket is the most watched and liked sport in India. Whereas other sports are almost non existent. All the youngsters dream about is to be a good cricketer like Sachin and Dhoni. It is partly because of broadcasters and sponsors who are investing money only in cricket and shy away when other sports become the concern. Moreover The Sports authority of India is existent only for namesake and is nothing in comparison with BCCI. Just try to imagine, a board for cricket is much bigger than a board of other sports put together. People must be exposed to different types of sports. India must improve its infrastructure in other sports too, otherwise it is really shameful to call ourselves Indian when Olympics are held, a country of 1.2 billion hardly getting a single gold medal. The condition in football is even pathetic. We've never qualified in real sense for the football world cup. A team like korea which is just a minnow among the European and South American giants can easily tame an Indian team. Hockey also needs to be taken care of as it is out national sport.

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    India was the top of the list in Hockey. But the people of India were made to divert their attention towards cricket, a game which is not from our land and slowly we became the leaders.

    All the more importance to a game which is of the other land made the national game hockey to lag behind and now you all know where we are.

    Europeans changed the major rules of Hockey and introduces scoop from one 'D' to another, which was considered to be a foul initially. Just let me know that is India allowed to alter any rule in cricket likewise?

    Even our government is not promoting Hockey to the extent it should be done!


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    I strongly agree with you. Indian government is sitting still on this issue. As it is our national game, we must take pride in it. Instead we actually don't care whatever happens to a hockey game.

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    Although Cricket is the most popular game in our country, Indian sport is Football and Hockey. As lot of money is involved in Cricket, it has become more and more popular at the cost of other sports like Football. Almost all the cricketers of our national team are crorepatis and compared to them, our footballers and hockey players are very poor. Good sponsors should crop up in the Country to bring forth other sports items like Football, Hockey rather than all the sponsors going for Cricket only.

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    Hello Sreekumar,
    I disagree with you on the point that football is an Indian game. It is only hockey which is the game of our land and also our National game.

    But we can say that football is loved by the Indian in the eastern parts of the country. There is a huge craze for this game, which some times lead to riots.


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    Football is undoubtedly one of the most popular and highly appreciated sports in India. The Indian people play the game of Football quite extensively, as they love playing and watching the game, very much. Football has a long and rich tradition in India and the history of Indian Football is something worth mentioning.Football started its journey in India when the British rulers brought it with them and in no time, it became popular among the masses.The decade of 1951 to 1962 is referred as the golden era in the history of Indian Football, as the country put up a commendable performance in a number of international competitions. India won gold medals in the 1951 and 1962 Asian Games, held at New Delhi and Jakarta, respectively and it became the first Asian nation to reach the Olympic football semi-finals, in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics. Even in the recent years the Indian Football team has shown some great performances, like winning the Nehru Cup in August, 2007. The team also won the AFC Challenge Cup in August 2008, and in turn qualified for the 2011 AFC Asian Cup in Qatar. Apart from the Indian National Football team, various Indian Football clubs have also shown wonderful performances in different international tournaments. Santhosh trophy, IFA Shield, Federation Cup, Durand Trophy, GV Raja Memorial Trophy etc are few tournaments in India. Cricket may be the popular sport but football is second popular game.

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